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The Company

Kuntal Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company located in the centre of manufacturing hub to cater all customers demand immediately. Our main products are BOPP packing/ adhesive tape, BOPP clear/buff/brown tape, BOPP colour tape, BOPP printed tape, stationery tape, BOPP jumbo roll( long tube), PVC tape and adhesive, BOPP film, etc. we can also produce complete specifications according to customers demand, we are able to adapt different requirements of different customers.

Our tapes are made from pure butyl acrylate with the capability of high viscosity, toughness, Tensile resistance, frost resistance, Easy to paste and no harm, no other smell. We produce the adhesive by ourselves and spread the adhesive on the film by ourselves too. We continuously do kaizens to improve our product lines, our production process and our pieces of equipment. That’s why we are always a step ahead of our competitors and advanced. Our company believe our products are the ideal choice for packaging enterprises and the end-users of tape. Our service features are superb quality, low cost and less target time. Our aim is to unite with the customer to develop business partnership together.

Why KI?

First class adhesive tapes, packaging solutions and customer service is the life blood of our business. We support our customers with personal service and technical expertise, and share our knowledge with hands-on product training. At our production site in India and in close collaboration with our customers, we develop new solutions tailored to their requirements, whether for packaging or industrial applications. We operate Pan-India, with many longstanding business relationships with customers and suppliers.

Primary Competitive Advantage

  • Located in the biggest industrial hub of North India.
  • Automated production lines.
  • Stringent Quality check.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Economical prices.
  • Zero delivery defaults.
  • Client satisfaction.

Quality and Sustainability

Our modern production lines, strict quality specifications and certified management system set new standards in the adhesive tape market sector. We meet strict quality standards. To achieve excellence we are supported by our certified quality management system. Permanent quality control means more than just monitoring production. At KI, we use internationally established test methods to control every step of the process from raw material to finished product. Driven by innovation, special practical trials were developed to enhance both products and processes. Our permanent goal is:

“Quality at all levels and in all departments”

AN ISO 9001:2015 certified company

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